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MADINA STONE company was founded in 2008 in Al Saja a Industrial Area,Sharjah, UAE. It works in supplying and manufacturing all kind of natural stone. The company worked hard strengthens and establish its name in the local market through the works and projects it has executed. with praise of God, the company has expanded its works & activities all over the UAE. the credit in establishing the company reverts to Eng.Nour Elden Al Asais & Mr.Jamil Mohammad Abdu Al Rahman. the company’s Aactivity is to manufacture and supply the natural stone with all its Forms, Kinds and different colors according to customers requirements

The construction industry saw a general increase in the level of construction activity arising from higher demand from both the public and private sectors, especially in the field of stone cladding for facades. Both experience and knowledge. Since our beginnings as a warehouse for supplying stone, the company has systematically expanded to become one of the largest stone supplying and installing companies in the United Arab Emirates,

Natural stone is considered one of the best materials used in covering the architectural facades due to its beauty and effectiveness in all forms of insulation and its resistance to weather and time factors It also gives the building a destinctive nature of luxury, elegance and harmoney with the surrounding environment, being a part of nature, achieving that visual

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